Check-In! [I LOVE PHNOM PENH] The rise of Phnom Penh, the trendy tour game is officially launched!

During 2021, the new trendy and interesting check-in contest [ILOVEBKK1] created in BKK1 with the intention of recovering the economy of BKK1 and also restoring the crowds of the city, blasting the calm city which caused by the epidemic were first triggered by quickly attracting the attention of the public which lead to the strong restoration of 15 active businesses that increases their profit as much as 300% of increase in crowds and 172% increase in total profits of the businesses.

On July 29, 2022 Le Condé BKK1, Phnom Penh’s luxury condominium, join hand with 50 featured businesses in the city to create new milestone with the newly check-in challenge [I LOVE PHNOM PENH] in Phnom Penh!

X Miss Universe Cambodia 2020

On July 29th, the launching ceremony of ILOVEPhnomPenh in Le Condé BKK1 Sales Gallery. The event organizer Le CondéBKK1 officially announced the brand ambassador of I LOVE PHNOM PENH which is the Miss Universe Cambodia 2020, Ms. Sarita Reth.

One party of the event is the Key Opinion Leader of Cambodian youth group and another party is the Leader of the trendy life in Phnom Penh. The cooperation between the two parties has become the biggest talk of the town. The head of Le Condé BKK1, the representative of the Cambodian Children’s Fund, etc. are all the VIP guests which attended and witness this important moment together.

During the launching of the ceremony, the organizer of the event, Le Condé BKK1 and the representative of the Cambodian Children’s Fund announced that they will hold a charity fundraising event with the 51 businesses of ILOVEPHNOMPENH members. The lucky prize will be donated to charity.

The brand-new stamp challenge [I LOVE PHNOM PENH] will bring crowds to the city for the span of 2 months has officially launched. The three major upgrades of the campaign that will bring new experience to the whole city:

  • Routes Upgrade:

+ Campaign’s Map

BKK1 is the starting point, the 2.0 version of the Stamp Challenge has successfully expended the routes map to the whole city of Phnom Penh.

Upon opening the I LOVE PHNOM PENH campaign’s map; the comic version of Phnom Penh comes into view. The familiar Royal Palace and Independence Monument is still featured. The dense check-in point all over the streets and alley of the capital city which connected to the Independence Monument, Royal Palace and major commercial entities, schools and countless residential community.

The back page of the map is the businesses that joined the campaign, this round, it is more diverse and much more interesting and more exciting activities to come in the future. From BKK1, the heart of the city, it will ignite the business growth of the whole city and helps plant seeds that will grow towards the regional and urban economic development.

  • Check-in Stations Upgrade:

From 15 stations to newly added of 51 stations!

+ Business Logo

Photography, choreography music, the favorite “cultural feast’ of urbanites; branded beauty cosmetics, medical beauty physiotherapy skin-care, Thai food Tom Yum Goong, Italian Pizza, Japanese Sukiyaki, Pet houses, restaurants, education, medical care, service industry which basically includes everything. The 50+ selected businesses which is experienced and financially strong: the exclusive and big discounts presented in the map waiting for the city’s trend-setters to join the challenge.

  • Rewards Upgrade:

+Prize map

The signature T-shirts and the exquisite tumblers that are necessary for everyone have successfully created a large number of loyal supporters in the first stamp challenge. This time around, 500 pieces of limited edition of I LOVE PHNOM PENH T-SHIRTS AND 500 pieces of limited edition of customer tumblers once again available to be grab!

+ Prize photo

At the same time, I LOVE PHNOM PENH upgraded to better prizes such as iPad, Casio watches, microwave, branded TVs and mobile power banks and other attractive gifts. So many prizes, so many surprises waiting for to bring home!

Stamp Challenge Rules

Event duration:

1st August 2022 – 25th December 2022

How to check-in:

  1. Go to the starting point of the event, Le Condé BKK1 Sales Gallery to collect the campaign map and exquisite tumbler (ONLY for first 500 participants);
  2. Follow the map routes for the check-in points and spend accordingly in any cooperative businesses (repeated stamps are not valid);
  3. Collect 3 stamps to win a custom T-shirt (ONLY for first 500 participants);
  4. Collect 8 stamps to win a power bank (ONLY for First 250 participants);
  5. Collect 13 stamps to win a Bluetooth speaker (ONLY for the First 100 participants);
  6. Collect 15 stamps to participate in the luck-draw for the grand prizes (TV, iPad, Xiaomi mobile phone, Casio watch and other mysterious gifts)!

+Event posted

In the next 2 months, collect this map, rediscover the beauty of the city with Ms. Sarita Reth and discover new interest in life! The starting point, Le Condé BKK1 Sales Gallery, the place where trend-setter meet in the whole city, waiting for you to check-in!